Monday, June 23, 2008

Updating Sony Ericsson P1i Firmware using SEUS

Requisites: Download1 & Download2
>> Sony Ericsson PC Suite (comes with the phone)

>> XS++ (most popular software to flash/backup/patch)
>> Sony Ericsson Update Service Software (Internet conne
ction required)
>> DCU-65 USB cable (comes with the phone)
>> Phone CDA version should be GW1 (If its not GW1, we will do it in Step 2)

>> Install the PC Suite software in your PC from the CD .
>> Connect your phone to PC in normal mode / phone mode.

>> Then take backup of your contacts, messages, media files in phone memory, as they will be lost during updation.


>> Extract XS++ in a folder somewhere in your PC and install it.
>> Backup your CDA/GDFS according to the following guide. (This is very important incase anything wrong happens)
1. Run XS++
2. Check the box "SMARTPHONE CONNECT"

3. Then click "Connect"

4. Disable charge through USB in your phone, Switch off phone, remove and insert battery.
5. Keep pressing the "C" button on the keypad and insert USB cable.
6. Now you phone will get connected to XS++ and wait for the "Ready for operation" command

7. Now check "GDFS" from configuration and then click on backup GDFS

8. After a few minutes you will get conformation message regarding GDFS operation.

9. Close the programme.(donot unplug the cable for the following process)
10. You will get GDFS backup in the XS ++ folder

>> Change your phone's CDA to GW1 according to the following Guide.
1. Check "Flash" from configuration.
2. Goto "Write Smartphone CDA/Version change"

3. From the drop down box select the P1i firmware with CDA GW1

4. Then click "Run Script"

5. After a few minutes you will get conformation message regarding GDFS operation

6. Unplug the cable and close the programme.
>> Your phone is now ready to get the latest firmware update from Sony Ericsson offical websitre.

>> Fully charge your phone's battery.
>> Connect you PC to internet (preferably broadband)
>> Install SEUS (Sony Ericsson Update Service) software in your PC.
>> After installation SEUS will access internet for updates & then it would start.
>> Select the language and then start
>> Choose your phone from phone type, click continue and follow the instructions
>> Remove and insert battery whenever asked.
>> Donot worry if you are disconnected from internet in the middle, because SEUS will download the firmware first and then it will write it to phone.
>> The whole process will take maximum of 30 minutes (for broadband connection)
>> When you are done, congratulations! now your phone is having the latest firmware.

Restoring CDA/GDFS [This step is not required here, its for future purposes]
>> Follow upto step 6 of "Backing up CDA/GDFS"
>> Check GDFS, then you will see "Restore GDFS" option
>> Select the GDFS backup file by clicking the button just below "Restore GDFS"
>> Then click on "Write GDFS".
>> After a few minutes you will get conformation message regarding GDFS operation.


pakdheanto said...

IT need broadband connection right?
i do not make a backup. i wish i luck. wish me.

Muzafsh said...

i am getting the following when i try to connect on XS++


00:39:30| Please hold boot key ('@' or 'C') and connect device...
00:40:20| Master Port detected: COM38
00:40:20| Slave Port detected: COM37
00:40:20| Opening Port!
00:40:20| Init Master Failed!

please advise on what needs to be done.


Anonymous said...

how I can download CDA file (Firmware) for P1i

Chris Beets said...

What can i do if my Sony Ericsson p1i's screen dont work anymore, all i get use of is my keyboard on my phone i wish to download firmware on it ( updating ), and i can do sort of operating on my keyboard to operate some app's on my sony, i need the firmware to install then i can get full use of my keyboard on my Sony Ericsson p1i.